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Penny Power

Penny Song

Learn more about the a Penny Power song, download sheet music and mpeg recording.

A DVD of the Penny Power song with images is available by contacting Jennifer Steiner at the MCC Great Lakes office at (574) 534-4133.

About Penny Power

Penny Power raises money for Mennonite Central Committee projects of peace, relief and development around the world. Learn more about MCC at

Spare change can lead to global change. Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches have adopted Penny Power as a great intergenerational activity, collecting coins year-round. Coins and larger donations are collected and taken to annual MCC Relief Sales. To find the Relief Sale near you, visit MCC Relief Sales. Relief Sales are festivals and auctions, organized by volunteers to support Mennonite Central Committee. You may visit these events - bring your pennies along!

Donations to Penny Power may also be sent/brought to the nearest Regional or Provincial MCC Office.

Rhythm of Change

Find out more about Penny Power from the inspirational DVD Rhythm of Change.

Penny Power goes to the roof

Two pastors from Kaufman Mennonite Church, Davidsville, PA raised an extra $5,200 for Penny Power by spending time on their church roof.

Collecting coins

Our volunteers are creative! Volunteers have collected coins in a wheelbarrow and a watering trough, thrown coins into a basketball hoop, used teddy bear jars and plastic light bulbs as banks and given rides in a giant hollowed-out-penny. Other tips and activities outlined in the Resources for Groups section of this Web site.

Get involved

You too can save your coins and make a difference or — to really see the fun — provide a match for the coins collected at your church, your relief sale or in all of your province or state. Check with the relief sale nearest to you for drop-off points for coins, mailing addresses for donations, and other details.

Play a game See how easy it is for small change to add up to big change!

MCC Water Table How Ontario Mennonite Relief Sale educated people about the value of clean water.

8 Steps Organizing a Penny Power campaign is easier when you break the tasks down.

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